Thursday, 12 December 2013

Australian players int he world rankings

In the FISTF Open ranking of November 2013, Robert Green is ranked 612, John Devaney is 720th. Robert is 120th in the veterans while Gerald Brightwell is 214th.

In the WASPA ranking of November 2013, Australian players are ranked as follows:
37 John Devaney (Lincoln Flickers SC) 61,60
39 Carl Young (Subbuteo Melbourne) 59,00
90 Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) 33,50
102 Gerald Brightwell (London & Essex United) 30,75
114 Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC) 27,90
126 Alex Jennings (no club) 25,00
139 Brett Davis (Emu Heights Bundesliga TFC) 23,70
198 Anthony Ilacqua (no club) 15,40
219 Paul Magee (no club) 13,50
224 Phill Parker (no club) 13,00
265 Robert Green (Team Subbuteo Stockholm) 11,50
297 Searle Batten (Subbuteo Melbourne) 9,00
298 Eial Donnenfeld (Subbuteo Melbourne) 9,00
339 Luke Radziminski (Subbuteo Melbourne) 7,60
346 Jay Porter (no club) 7,30
348 Adam Deverell (Subbuteo Melbourne) 7,00
349 Adrian Elmer (no club) 7,00
350 Costa Kamarados (no club) 7,00
351 Rick Piccinelli (Subbuteo Melbourne) 7,00
396 Tom Nowacki (Subbuteo Melbourne) 6,00
404 Martin Sarnecki (Subbuteo Melbourne) 5,80
424 Nick Drage (no club) 5,10
473 Benji Batten (Subbuteo Melbourne) 4,40
488 John Sexton (Hamilton SC) 4,00
601 Martin Murgolo (no club) 2,50
630 Trent Fernandes (no club) 2,10
683 Aaron Daniels (no club) 1,70
688 Matthew Murgolo (no club) 1,50
698 Cameron Toazell (no club) 1,40
703 Imojjen Elmer (no club) 1,00
703 Paul Gorjan (no club) 1,00
703 Bronte Scott (no club) 1,00
703 Daniel Wilkes (no club) 1,00
703 Jonathan Wilkes (no club) 1,00
888 Marlon Faner (no club) 0,50
888 Alex Fleig (no club) 0,50
888 Braiden Graw (no club) 0,50
888 Mitchell Schroder (no club) 0,50

Monday, 9 December 2013

Third WASPA tournament in Melboune

It was a day of firsts for the Melbourne Subbuteo club despite it being the club's third tournament. It was the first time we played a group and knockout system with two groups of three and semi-finals being used. In our first ever knockout round we had our first ever shootout. Benji Batten was lucky enough to beat Searle Batten 1-0 in the semi-final but he was unable to overcome the great Carl Young in the final despite being quite competitive (0-6). Congrats Carl on his win and also to Luke Radziminski (third place) and to Tom Nowacki (first goal and win). Big thanks to all who came, particularly Alex Stefanos (first event) and Searle Batten for coming at the last minute. There are definitely bright signs ahead for the mighty Melbourne Subbuteo Club.

(Report by Benji Batten)