Monday, 17 February 2014

Tournament 5 a great success in Melbourne!

Subbuteo Melbourne has played another tournament on the 15th of February which consisted of 6 players, 1 was new and played his first ever WASPA tournament and managed to win a few, He only got into subbuteo about 3-4 months ago. Each player played each other once and the standing was split for the finals (top 2 play for first place, 3rd and 5th spot were up for grabs as well). Benji Batten and I played each other in the grand final where we drew 1-1 with extra time played and proceeded to go to penalties where I came victorious in a 2-0 penalty finish. The final standings of the tournament:

1st: Luke Radziminski
2nd: Benji Batten
3rd: Martin Sarnecki
4th: Adam Deverell
5th: Peter Lipsett
6th: Tom Nowacki

Report by Luke Radzimisnki

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