Monday, 18 November 2013

Peter Thomas wins in Penrith

Only three players attended the tournament held on sunday in the Mega Games shop in Penrith.

Numbers were low but the standards of play were high as the competitors proved to have a very good level. They played each other twice and results were as follows:
Robert Green 3 - Eliot Kennedy 0
Peter Thomas 2 - Robert Green 0
Peter Thomas 4 - Eliot Kennedy 0
Robert Green 1 - Eliot  Kennedy 0
Peter Thomas 2 - Robert Green 0
Peter Thomas 4 - Eliot Kennedy 2

So, Peter was first, Greenie second and Eliot third. As ever, Subbuteo was the winner!

Many thanks to Manuel and Christine at Mega Games for their great hospitality, to Peter coming up from Canberra and of course to Greenie for coming from Sweden!

Our next tournament will be at 11am on Sunday 19 January 2014 at Mega Games (unless Adrian Elmer has one sooner than that at Toongabbie?), to coincide with the visit of Paul O'Donovan Rossa from the US. Hopefully we will have better numbers.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Next tournament in Penrith on November 17

Just a quick reminder for the next subbuteo event taking place on November 17 in Penrith.
Details can be found on the Mega Games website here:
If you know ways to promote the event, don't hesitate. Football club and local newspapers would probably be happy to hear of the subbuteo tournament.
The tournament will count for the WASPA circuit (
Top players as Robert Green, Mike Newton and Eliot Kennedy will be taking part! Hopefully many more will follow!