Monday, 28 April 2014

Mike Newton wins in Parramatta

Five players attended the Parramatta tournament held on sunday. There were local players but also England's Mike Newton who finished on top of the league format after winning three games and sharing points with Rob Retalic. Adrian Elmer finished second, Rob Retalic third, Steve Diasinos fourth and Gordon Dudley fifth.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Subbuteo Melbourne Anniversary Tournament

The Subbuteo Melbourne Anniversary tournament was held on the 13th of April 2014- Exactly 1 year after the clubs formation....

A hotly contested group stage saw seeded players Carl Young and Peter Thomas finish on top of their respective groups with Benji Batten and David Simpson (who had both scored against their respective table toppers) also qualifying for the semi-finals.

After the group stage, the competition split in two with Alex Stefanos, Dillon Izon and Peter Lipsett competing in a tight group for 5th Place.

There were no surprises in the semi-finals and so two of Australia’s top players; Carl and Peter would meet in the final.

The final itself was a high quality match in which after 30 minutes and then a further 10 minutes extra time: the scores were locked at 1-1. A great crowd assembled for the shootout in which Peter Thomas claimed the victory with the final shot. (Shootout score 3-2)

Big thanks to all involved.

Final placings:
1. Peter Thomas
2. Carl Young
3. Benji Batten
4. David Simpson
5. Peter Lipsett
6. Alex Stefanos
7. Dillon Izon

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Australian players in the world rankings

In the FISTF rankings of March 2014, Robert Green is ranked 606 in the Open category and 118 in the veterans. Gerald Brightwell is ranked 218 in the veterans.

In the WASPA ranking of March, Australian players are ranked as follows:
32 Carl Young  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 85,00
44 John Devaney  (Lincoln Flickers SC) 69,60
45 Peter Thomas  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 69,00
76 Eliot Kennedy  (Northern Falcons TFC) 47,50
125 Benji Batten  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 31,40
128 Luke Radziminski  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 30,60
151 Steve Dettre  (Northern Falcons TFC) 27,90
154 Mike Newton (Flinders TFC) 27,30
166 Alex Jennings  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 25,00
171 Gerald Brightwell  (London & Essex United) 24,88
199 Brett Davis  (Emu Heights Bundesliga TFC) 21,20
205 Paul Magee  (no club) 20,50
230 Searle Batten  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 18,00
243 Adam Deverell  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 17,00
288 Anthony Ilacqua  (no club) 13,90
294 Adrian Elmer  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 13,20
296 Phill Parker  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 13,00
342 Robert Green  (Team Subbuteo Stockholm) 11,50
357 Martin Sarnecki  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 10,80
384 Eial Donnenfeld  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 9,00
384 Tom Nowacki  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 9,00
448 Jay Porter  (no club) 7,30
452 Costa Kamarados  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 7,00
452 Rick Piccinelli  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 7,00
551 Nick Drage  (no club) 5,10
555 Terry Koutzas  (no club) 5,00
747 Billy Koutzas  (no club) 2,60
750 Martin Murgolo  (no club) 2,50
796 Trent Fernandes  (no club) 2,10
797 John Sexton  (Hamilton SC) 2,00
864 Aaron Daniels  (no club) 1,70
874 Matthew Murgolo  (no club) 1,50
898 Cameron Toazell  (no club) 1,40
907 Imojjen Elmer  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 1,00
907 Paul Gorjan  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 1,00
907 Peter Lipsett  (Subbuteo Melbourne) 1,00
907 Mark McIntosh  (no club) 1,00
907 Bronte Scott  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 1,00
907 Alex Stefanos  (Subbuteo Malbourne) 1,00
907 Daniel Wilkes  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 1,00
907 Jonathan Wilkes  (Subbuteo Parramatta) 1,00
1094 Marlon Faner  (no club) 0,50
1094 Alex Fleig  (no club) 0,50
1094 Braiden Graw  (no club) 0,50
1094 Mitchell Schroder  (no club) 0,50