Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Australian players competing in Harrow Weald

Two Aussies attented the WASPA tournament in Harrow Weald (England). 18 players from 5 nationalities in total were taking part and players were divided in four groups. Both John Devaney and Gerald Brightwell ended third in groups of four players. John lost to Steve George and Terry Arnold and tied with Jonathan Lopez-Real. Gerald lost to Kevin Cordell and Vasilis Vavourakis from Cyprus but beat Matthias Peterschinigg. In the consolation tournament, Gerald lost his quarter-final to Matthew Henry while John beat Kye Arnold and then lost to Matthew Henry.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Good games for Gerald Brightwell in Birmingham

Gerald Brightwell attended the English Grand Prix in Birmingham on May 5 & 6. In the individual tournament, Gerald played in the veterans section and was dropped in the only group of five. He lost to Scotland's Tom Burns (0-1), Wales's Richard Stock (1-2) and England's Rob McCormick (0-3) but beat John Bottomley from England (4-0). On sunday Gerald played the team event as a member of the Manchster TFC club. He lost to Yorkshire Phoenix's Martin Hodds (4-0), beat Rob McCormick of Kent Invicta (1-0) and lost to Mike Parnaby, the caption of NETFA Teesside (0-4). At least it was a good tournament and Gerald gained experience. His next tournament should be the WASPA tournament in Harrow Weald on May 19.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Australian winner in Europe!

John Devaney, the organizer of the Lincoln Flickers Subbuteo Club in England, has recently announced he would love to play subbuteo for Australia has he is born in Australia and has lived there for many years. On wednesday John won the WASPA tournament in Lincoln, which will hopefully be the first of many other victories. Well done!
John Devaney, another flicking Aussie in Europe!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Steve Dettre wins in Penrith (Australia)

For the fifth time in less than a year, the Mega Games shop in Penrith hosted a subbuteo tournament under WASPA banner. This time 8 players were present and the event was played under swiss system. Steve Dettre won the tournament with 3 wins and 1 draw. Steve Dettre is a legend of table football as he was a Director int he FISTF Board in the early 90's. The rest of the table was as follows: 2. Eliot Kennedy ; 3. Paul Magee ; 4. Mike Newton (England) ; 5. Nick Drage ; 6. Brett Davis ; 7. Anthony Ilacqua ; 8. Jay Porter.