Monday, 25 January 2010

Bob Green's visit in Perth

The Western Australian Subbuteo Club was the home of a few games between local player Rob Smith and australian legend Bob Green. Bog finally won 3 games while Rob won one. Rob Smith reported after the games: "We tried and tested a few different bases from old style 00 Heavyweights to modern Profibases and he was quite partial to the Raptor G2's. He's still got the touch, although to be fair, we were both a bit rusty!"

Bob Green was happy as well: "It was great to play again after not flicking a figure for around 10 years. I played better than I thought I would, I guess after all the games I've played over the years you don't forget everything. For both of us I think the mind was sharp but sometimes it seemed as if somebody else's hand was doing the flicking. I did manage to score one particularly nice goal. "I was mesmerised" was Rob's comment on the quick flicking that led to it. Rob and I had a great day (and also watching Perth Glory the night before) and it definitely gives me the taste for more! It won't be another 10 years until I flick again that's for sure."

Roll on March 20th!

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