Monday, 21 May 2012

Good chance for a subbuteo tournament in Sydney this winter

Brett Davis recently had an update as to the state of Subbuteo at the moment dead as a door nail, saw a lot of comments on the subbuteo Australia blog and upsetting but like all things I think it can be salvaged (he's a glass half full kind of guy). "I keep checking the Crown and Andrews website to see if it is out as yet but nothing is here. So I rang Crown and Andrews to find out. The game has been ordered and is coming to Australia. They have also ordered the extra sets as well eg referee's, ball sets and extra teams. I have set up a meeting with Crown and Andrews to see the game as soon as it lands and also to see if there is a way that my email address can be included in a slip of paper or something to let people know about clubs in Australia. I am hoping to set up a database of contact details like Robert was doing but with the purchase of new games means new blood and new clubs. I hope this is possible as with a central location of data we won't be in the dark from each other and new clubs will know about other clubs as well hopefully a return to inter club games", added Brett.

"I have also been invited on the Sunday 10th June and Monday 11th June to display Subbuteo at the Toy and Game Expo at the learn and play area. I will be taking some forms to get interested peoples details to add to the database here also. I think this will be a great thing to get the game out especially now Crown and Andrews are on board and if they can add contact details even better for us and the club scene.

I have spoken to Hubertus Country Club at 205 Adams Road Luddenham (a club I am a member of) and to see if they are willing to give us a room for league nights and tournements. Karen the lady there see's no problem with this and I am writing a proposal to this effect for the board. If this can become a reality then we will have a place to play with access to nice dinning and bar facilities.

Which brings me to my next point, about time for a tournement I am thinking August/September any dates that suit the bulk of us? Also a time to start if it can be late afternoon to night I am ok with that so as people can take kids to sport etc, I will have to confirm with the club exactly but all I need to do is drop off the proposal for the board to vote on (she let me know as it is not costing the club any money they should be fine and they might get a few more new members as well so win win I think.)

That's about it I am not ready for this great game to die and I am truely hoping and praying that with Subbuteo in shops again and my details in the box we can get new clubs up and running here again and make Australia the power house I know it can be."

Some players sent a positive feedback. Mike Newton is keen to play if we can get an event organised of any size, shape or form. He is likely to move to Sydney in a couple of months which could make it easier.

Simon from also keen to get playing again if we can organise it, if possible in September.

Paul Magee and Dominic Grenot are also ready to play in August or September, just like Steve Dettre who will be available after the Olympics.

Hopefully Eliot Kennedy will be available as well, just like Robert Green who will be back from Stockholm (Sweden) for his sister's 50th. Robert should be available between September 14 and September 25.

All this will be confirmed soon and a date will be set in the near future.

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