Thursday, 16 August 2012

Finally a tournament in the agenda

Brett Davis ( has announced he will be hosting a tournament on September 15. Some details need to be arranged but at least there is a date. Peter Thomas, the winner of the last tournament held in Australia more than two years ago, has already showed interest to take part.


  1. My friend and I have just started playing. Would love to play in a tournament, but doubt I could play outside of Melbourne at the moment. I'm guessing this tournament would be played in Sydney?

    1. Hello Adam, absolutely, the tournament will be played in Sydney but you can feel free to leave your details at so that I can put you in contact with other players in your area (and possibly on the right coloumn of the blog).

      Vincent (

    2. We can also try to get a few players from your area together. WASPA tournaments can be played as soon as there are 3 players. That would maybe be the start of something better... Feel free to send news about the games with your friends and possibly pictures. That's good stuff for the blog!

    3. I can certainly get three players together. There will probably be more than that playing at a friend's b'day party in a few weeks time. I play a lot of board games, so there's a chance of playing Subbuteo at some of the conventions I attend - just need to get enough interest to play a tournament.

      I'll send my details to you now.