Thursday, 27 September 2012

3 more tournaments!

3 more tournaments have been added in Penrith, Australia. Don't wiss the chance to play at the Mega Games shop on October 20, November 24 and December 15. For every tournament, the kick-off will take place at 4.00 pm.


  1. How much would I like to have a monthly tournament in Melbourne! I do know a location (Good Games in Melbourne) but I don't have access to the awesome tables that Penrith has.

  2. Actually, looking at the photos again, all the surfaces are on boards with the home made barriers surrounding them. I have this set up and know another guy with an Astropitch. That's two pitches. Perhaps a tournament is a possibility?

  3. Sure Adam, it's a possibility! If "Good Games" is selling the subbuteo sets, maybe they could have a sponsorship from Crown & Andrews to get material from them (just one table that could be displayed there for demos). I think you need to talk to the owner of "Good Games" and let him know what's going on in Penrith. He might be interested to do something similar. At the end it can only be good for him because he might sell more and get good publicity for his shop.