Thursday, 4 April 2013

Australian players in the world rankings

In the FISTF World rankings of March 2013, Gerald Brightwell is 302th in the veterans section.

In the WASPA ranking of March 2013, Brett Davis is 44th, Mike Newton (England) 47th, Eliot Kennedy 59th, Gerald Brightwell 79th, Robert Green 84th, Anthony Ilacqua 108th, Anthony Ilacqua 160th, Braydan Howell (Bolivia) 184th, Steve Dettre 232nd, Martin Murgolo 242nd, Paul Magee 267th, Trent Fernandes 275th, John Sexton 276th, Aaron Daniels 324th, Matthew Murgolo 339th, Cameron Toazell 347th, Nic Drage, Marlon Faner, Alex Fleig, Braiden Graw and Mitchell Schroder are 400th.

Australia is 11th (out of 31 nations) in the ranking of nations.

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