Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Good games for Gerald Brightwell in Birmingham

Gerald Brightwell attended the English Grand Prix in Birmingham on May 5 & 6. In the individual tournament, Gerald played in the veterans section and was dropped in the only group of five. He lost to Scotland's Tom Burns (0-1), Wales's Richard Stock (1-2) and England's Rob McCormick (0-3) but beat John Bottomley from England (4-0). On sunday Gerald played the team event as a member of the Manchster TFC club. He lost to Yorkshire Phoenix's Martin Hodds (4-0), beat Rob McCormick of Kent Invicta (1-0) and lost to Mike Parnaby, the caption of NETFA Teesside (0-4). At least it was a good tournament and Gerald gained experience. His next tournament should be the WASPA tournament in Harrow Weald on May 19.


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  2. Unfortunately the game against Rob McCormick (3-0) was not even played! I was freshning up in the Gents and when I went back to the playing arena found out that the game was awarded to Rob because play had started a few minutes earlier... Rob wanted to go ahead and play however Jeremy Bradley who was in charge would not allow it!!! What a joker... And Rob what a gentleman:-)