Monday, 19 May 2014

Peter Thomas wins in Penrith

Another great Subbuteo tournament was held on the 18th May 2014 in Penrith, Sydney. Returning after a couple of years in the wilderness, it was great to see Steve Dettre and Jonny Ball playing once again alongside newer players Ethan Foster and Adrian Elmer. Showing he still hasn’t lost his touch Steve Dettre made it to the semi-finals with his vintage toccer figures. Peter Thomas struggled to break down Steve’s stonewall defence until the final few minutes of the game.
Steve Dettre and Benji Batten

In his first ever tournament Ethan Foster won his first game, and finished in sixth place overall. Benji Batten who came all the way from Melbourne to play made it out of his group on goal difference, after a crucial win over Paul Magee, before succumbing to Eliot Kennedy in the semi final.
Benji Batten and Paul Magee

After consuming some sports enhancing Irn-Bru before the final, some early goals by Peter Thomas made the match a one way affair, in contrast to their recent close battle in Parramatta.

Thanks to Megagames Penrith for hosting the tournament, and to everybody for coming. Hope to see you all again soon.

Final places:
1. Peter Thomas (Subbuteo Melbourne)
2. Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC)
3. Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC)
4. Benji Batten (Subbuteo Melbourne)
5. Jonny Ball (Northern Falcons TFC)
6. Ethan Foster (Subbuteo Parramatta)
7. Paul Magee (no club)
8. Adrian Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta)

(Report by Peter Thomas)

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